Meaning of life

The meaning of life….Have you ever truly thought about it? What is this… What’s it all about anyways? Why are we here…..What IS the meaning of life?”

These are questions, I’m told, that my dad asked all the time. I can’t say I recall hearing him say it; but that’s probably because I was 12 when he passed away….So many conversations…… left un-touched. How I wish we could speak now, as adults…oh the depths our conversation could reach!

But alas, I am left to ponder…This meaning of life. I bet no-one imagines it to be a Ratrace of trying to keep up. Insecurities of not having enough, or being enough…Floating around mindlessly…lost.

Why do we insist on stressing ourselves out, over-scheduling….overdo-ing…. Can’t stop because we gotta million things to do!!

Stop. just STOP already! and think….. what should the meaning of YOUR life be? With that in mind, I want to share a quote with you by Simon Sinek from his ‘Start with Why?’:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion”…

Your Passion……….

Do you dream of making the world a better place? Do you dream of helping others? Of Raising Children, that will contribute great things to the world? Taking care of yourself, and teaching others how to follow suit; be it physical, or mental health…

How about dreams of exploring the World? Of learning about new cultures; engaging with new people to gain fresh insight. Passing on this knowledge to those you love.

Maybe meaning to your life means building a successful business; making a name for yourself; offering your passion to the world. Perhaps your mission is to encourage others to be entrepreneurs of their own lives, helping to show the world what they can offer.

Whatever brings meaning to your it!! Live it to the best you can be!! You don’t get another chance, life is no Nintendo game!!

(If u got the lyrical reference… Love to you!! ❤ )



Dad…The meaning of life you ask? I think its all in the eyes of the beholder…..

One day we will meet again, and on that day, Lets pickup these thoughts, and discuss.

Forever in my heart ❤ RIP dad.


Letter to my son.

(and maybe one day, I will even let him read it! hah :p )


My Dearest Boy,

Today is the beginning of grade 1. No longer just a baby in Kinder, but a boy ready to take on the world.

Such a beautiful tender age; you love me with your whole being, my biggest fan. But too soon will be the days you’re ‘too cool’ for mom… No matter the stage of life, you will forever be the sunshine to my day. As you find your way and introduce yourself to the world, they too will smile.

My Brilliant boy,

I’m proud of all that you do. It may just seem like simple numbers and letters these days, but one day you will move mountains with that mind. My smart boy, oh such brilliance… One day, surely you will be smarter than I.

I do admire your drive to enforce whats right; Even if it means getting in trouble with the teacher… Sorry I have to side with her…One day you’ll understand. I am proud, that moral compass will guide you through life

My sweetest boy,

Your very soul is tender, and kind. Your heart aches too for those who hurt; and for that reason, I know you will be the change in their world. A light in every day.

How did you get so big? I remember the days of rocking you to sleep… Holding you until your fears disappeared….kissing your tears away.

Oh my handsome boy…

I watch you grow and the only thing I can think is how proud I am. Of the boy you are, and the man that you will become.


XO Forever love, Mom

It’s time to get serious, about bread.

Before I Begin telling you of my adventures in Sourdough, let me tell you a little story about the history of bread. As long as man has existed, so too has bread; ok, maybe that statement is a bit of a stretch, but known existence of bread dates back to years ending in BC….so…yah, it’s been a while… Anyways, from that point up until the late 19th century, bread was simple. The grain was collected and ground down with grinding stones; Once ground down to flour, ‘real’ bread was made. What do I mean by Real you ask? I mean Flour and Water…A pinch of Salt. and that’s IT! ………I know right? its fascinating that with those ingredients, and those ingredients ONLY, you can create something amazingly delicious that has enough nutrition to live off.

Sorry getting sidetracked, back to the story… In the late 19th century we started commercially producing bread; we removed the bran and the germ, and sold this new fluffy white delicious bread. Soon after white bread was discovered though, the world found itself in a health crisis, and had no idea why! a few scientific discoveries later… We realized that this white flour, that could last indefinitely, was also completely void of all vitamins. By removing the bran and germ, we just removed all health benefits of bread.

With this discovery, we entered the vitamin boom. Everyone advertised to let the world know that the addition of vitamins made their product healthy! Even Schlitz beer jumped on; their slogan was “Beer is good for you – but SCHLITZ Vitamin-D beer is extra good for you.” ……..Vitamin doughnuts? oh yes, it happened.

Enter wonder bread. “Instead of fixing the problem, they now sold the problem, and the solution, in one neat little package.” (anyone else enraged by this so-called ‘healthy’ solution to food?!?!?!! ) This quote on wonder bread is courtesy of Michael Pollen; Thank you to him for the documentaries ‘Cooked’ and ‘In defense of food’. You have opened my eyes to whats wrong with modern day food; but now…..I feel this overwhelming drive to feed my family food that is actually GOOD for them…..And so begins my adventures in Sourdough.

Day 1; Mix flour and Water….. Tell Jesse we will now have to feed it. Did this concern him? perhaps…. Did we tell him it will eat the fingers of bad children? maybe….. Are we evil? probably.

Day 2: no activity….damn you….

Day 3: Watching in anticipation…

Day 4: ITS ALIVE!!!!

Day 5: …..Maybe?

Day 6:…….wtf… are you dying??!!!

Day 7…is that mold?

*sigh* Starting over, CONVINCED that my ONLY problem was temperature. Turn the temperature up in my sons bedroom so I have a desirable storage space for this new burden on my life (not like my sons gonna overheat in his usual undies-only-jammy-ensemble) Starter #2 begins.

After another week of scheduled feedings, occasional activity, constant worry and countless nights spent reading every possible online article I can find…….. I put my newest means of stress into the fridge, in hopes to re-group and make bread later.

At this moment, I invite you to revisit the picture at the top of the page; Does any part of you believe that I ACTUALLY pulled those loaves from MY oven? yeahhhh….I wish I could say I did. But a visit to Cobs bread, and $11 dollars on 2 loaves of the best Sourdough I’ve ever had….I realize…..Life will be much simpler if I just buy the bread. Once upon a time I had convinced myself that bread from Cobs was too expensive, and I could save myself money and…time? HAH!! the $11 for amazing bread is now worth all the time in the world. Worth every penny.

Thank you Cobs Bread. Every bit of effort you put in so I can stop stressing over this disaster I call sourdough starter, and still feed my family the best food possible… Is everything to me.

Love Your Life

love my life

Hello There, and Welcome back to my blog! Before I continue with my usual ramblings, I want you to take a moment and read that quote again…. Let it sink in for a moment……

Now…the Truthful answer, Do you love it? I realize loving every single moment is impossible; bumps and bruises are inevitable. But as a general rule, is your life one that you love living? Be sure to ignore the pressures of what everyone else thinks, and set aside all subtle hints of guilt……… “Set aside the guilt?” Let me explain. I recently had a conversation with a friend where she admitted to me “we go out for dinner regularly, as we are DINKS(double income, no kids)…why do I feel guilty?” Whereas I later followed up with ” I never have a chance to get tired of being around my son; I share custody with him 50/50, so I embrace and love every moment with him…..why do I feel guilty when friends complain about their children tiring them out?”

I have to admit, I have struggled for quite some time with the decision to post this blog…Why does loving my life feel like a guilty pleasure? Proof that this post is not somekind of self-assuring, ego-boosting blog, let me tell you what I love most about my life, and why you too can love every minute of yours:

Simple mornings, big family breakfasts. Waking up to coffee made for me. Playing soccer in the backyard. My son, Jesse, asking to help make dinner; which is usually a bbq item that we cook while playing in the backyard. The fact that these things can be enjoyed on a work/school night. Experiencing the world through my sons eyes, teaching him about the world around him. Quiet evenings; picnics or a bottle of wine while watching the sunset. Curling up with a good book. Discovering Jesses love for sports, and cheering on our favourite teams as an evening wind down before bed. Family games nights. Good food; Making good food together as a family….you know, all those ‘little’ things……

Funny how we are all so hesitant to share the positives in our lives, for fear that we will be viewed as arrogant and self-centered… WHAT IF, instead, we shared when life was going well, and everyone else shared in that glory; all the while sharing with you their triumphs, as you build them up in return. My wish is for a world where we don’t have to apologize when our life is going well; We should feel proud to have built a life we love, because its not an easy task!

But wait…”What if..” You ask, if your immediate answer to the quote above was not a solid yes? That’s ok too! Life is a series of ups and downs; The key is to always be striving for the up. How can you improve your life? What do you need to be happy? Who do you need in your life to surround you with love? How can you lower stress in your life? What are the little things that make your day?(If you havn’t heard….I’m all about the little things… ;p ❤ ) We all deserve to love our lives, and making all the changes to ensure that happens, is well worth the effort.

Is your glass full??

We all know the scenario..Is the glass half full…or half empty?

Let’s look at it in a literal sense. Are you drinking it and therefore halfway to being empty? Or in process of filling it up…maybe you got distracted and will eventually remember to come and finish filling it up? Or maybe you started filling it with juice but ran out of juice.

…..but what about the cup that has been stagnant for hours…days…weeks? No one available to tell the story of this cup on its mission to being empty or full. Just sitting..waiting…at the mercy of a bystander to do something. Fate…just hanging on the thread of add more? Or dump it out?

OK, maybe a bit deep for a simple cup of water; but consider applying this concept to a moment. Just a simple moment sitting and waiting for someone to decide its fate. It could be anything really…a winning lotto ticket, a missed opportunity or spilt milk….

It’s easy to assign a positive or negative emotion to any of the above scenarios; but what if the opposite was true? That glorious lotto ticket tears a family apart or that missed opportunity opens up time to discover a greater victory. Imagine actually crying over spilt milk..

My point? We make the decision to assign a moment with positive or negative feelings, But it was just that, a decision.

Some moments are less ‘set’ to a positive or negative feeling; for example,

When a child asks you to play but you’re busy…is it a welcome change of pace, or a burden? Its in our hands to take a moment and decide if we will be pulled to a positive or negative response.

So back to the stagnant glass of water…..Full? Empty? Just grab that watering can and fill the damn thing up!!!

A Space to call home.

Space to roam free, frolic and play, run until you cant breathe…. wide open space to stretch your legs, stop and smell the roses,  and..wait… I’m not trying to describe the ideal living arrangements for a gazelle here…Lets talk about us! The needs, err.. wants.. of people!

If you make a checklist of things your dream house would have, what does it look like? A Large inviting Living space; with not just one, but multiple entertaining spaces? A bedroom for each adult and child, with ample amount of space and storage. A computer room, an office, a Games room. a Guestroom, maybe even with separate bathroom? Perhaps a Separate living space for the children to keep their mess of toys…Storage rooms/Closets. Oh! walk-in closets for every shoe and piece of clothing imaginable. A wine cellar, and of course a place to show off your prized collection, and then a place to sip & savour. A mancave; OOoo how about a hidden door to make the finding of the cave that much more entertaining?!

………OOOoooook, I could go on and on, but lets get back to todays reality; Basic needs met in house a realtor could only describe as ‘cozy’.  But tell me, when did ‘cozy’ get this bad reputation of small and therefore, undesirable?

Ive done the big house thing and let me tell you, it’s not all its cracked up to be….Extra cleaning, extra maintenance, extra costs… extra stress. Everyone has a space to call their own; and that may sound great, but think about it…. everyone has all this time to spend alone…. instead of being together as a family, Laughing and building memories.

Next time you are lost in a moment of ‘if I only had this-or-that I would be happy in this house; remember that I wrote this blog, for you. To think, reflect and realize what’s important. Is it a big empty house full of people who live their own lives? Probably not, so embrace your cozy space(even when it drives you crazy) XO



Hey hey, its SPCA Cupcake day!

National Cupcake day is coming February 26th!

Need a reason to eat something sweet? Then do something sweet, and stop by for a cupcake at the Nanaimo SPCA! Cupcakes will be available by donation every day until the 26th. (Look for Jesses designed cupcakes Sunday! Also, SPCA is closed Monday, as per the normal schedule.)

While we’re on the topic….. Volunteering for the SPCA, why do it you ask? Here’s my 2pennies.

It all started as an excuse to get out for a walk during the day; in particular, on nightshift week when I had nothing better to do anyways! A couple wags later though, I was hooked. Some of these dogs have known nothing but abuse and neglect; yet, they still have it in their beautiful souls to trust again. Being able to see these dogs change from broken terrified creatures, to wagging happy pets, is a reward you cannot explain… only experience.

Oddly enough though, since I have started volunteering at the SPCA, I have heard mixed opinions on it. Fellow animal lovers have exclaimed: “I won’t donate because I don’t know where my money actually goes” or “I don’t like how its managed” or just simply “ I had a bad experience”

I’m not bringing these up as points of debate, I only ask of you to do this:

Put aside those thoughts for a moment; instead, think about the countless animals that end up at the SPCA. They don’t ask to be there, only sent there through circumstances out of their control. Some just require a place to stay while they wait for a new home; while others require multiple vet visits, training, socializing etc…. They don’t care about the politics of a company, or how it’s managed; only that people will love them and help them find a forever home. These animals are lucky to have the staff at Nanaimo SPCA; the animals are always put first, and taken care of with kindness, affection and love. I feel it unfair when I hear negative comments about the SPCA, because clearly they have never worked with these people, or the animals.

Anyways, Thanks for reading! I just wanted to take this cupcake day to speak my peace on behalf of every dog that has made me shed a happy tear. If you’re a fellow animal lover, and find yourself with time to spare, join me in volunteering. 😊❤

*Please note, these are my own thoughts and opinions; In no way was I requested by the SPCA to write about them.


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